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Anuj Kumar Pandey

And I'm a Frontend Developer

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About Me

Frontend Developer!

I am a highly ambitious and versatile technology enthusiast, always eager to explore the latest tech stacks. With a solid foundation in web development, my expertise lies in problem-solving and a deep-rooted passion for innovation.

Currently, I am actively engaged in expanding my knowledge of machine learning while simultaneously working on a diverse range of projects. My goal is to make a meaningful impact by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving tech industry.

My Domains

Web Development

I possess a strong skill set in frontend web development and have been actively expanding my knowledge in backend development. Over the years, I have successfully completed numerous projects in web development and have garnered recognition for my achievements by working on different projects and winning several hackathons in this field.

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Machine Learning

I am actively exploring the field of ML, expanding my knowledge and practical skills. Through hands-on experience, I have completed multiple mini projects, implementing various machine learning models.By working on these projects, I have honed my ability to identify appropriate machine learning algorithms and apply them effectively to real-world datasets.

Current Repo


As an individual who is deeply enthusiastic about DSA, I maintain an active presence on renowned platforms such as LeetCode and GeeksforGeeks to further develop my proficiency in this area. With a track record of solving over 150 questions on LeetCode, I am dedicated to honing my DSA skills and staying at the forefront of algorithmic problem-solving.


Latest Projects

Weather App

This impressive weather application has been developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by using the Open Weather Map API. Notable features of this weather application include the provision of weather updates for the user's respective city and an aesthetically pleasing CSS design.

Web Design

Web3 based Secure Crowdfunding Website for Startups. dAppFund(Decentralized Application Fund) is a decentralized crowdfunding website that utilizes Web 3 technology and smart contracts to provide a secure and transparent platform for fundraising.

Awesome Calculator

This remarkable calculator boasts a visually stunning and captivating design crafted exclusively with the utilization of HTML and CSS.

Dog vs Cat Classifier

Developed a Deep Learning Project "Dog vs. Cat Classifier," utilizing Kaggle's Dog vs. Cat dataset. To enhance the performance and accuracy of the classifier, I leveraged the pre-trained MobileNet V2 model from TensorFlow Hub.

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